Family Friendly Holidays

Looking for a holiday to suit all the family is not easy. Well… great news – a canal holiday does just that; it has something for everyone and gives all the family a fantastic holiday experience. Your dog will absolutely love it too!!

At College Cruisers we have all boated with our families and are very experienced in making sure you have one of the best holidays ever.

Every day is a family adventure sharing happy memories, opening locks together, cooking together, in the evening playing games together in the evening, visiting the pub together. Even washing up is more fun on a boat and can be done together!

On a canal holiday there are so many things to keep a look out for. Wildlife in every corner, ducks to be fed, swans to chat to, herons to creep up on, moorhens and coots to spot hiding in the reeds. If you are all very lucky a kingfisher will do a little fishing right in front of you. Bring along some fishing rods or just take a net and sit quietly in the peace and tranquillity waiting for a nibble.

You all become part of the history of The Oxford Canal – built in the 1700s. Each time you travel through a lock, think of the navvies who built each one – by hand – no diggers in those days! Check out the bridges as you glide beneath them; each one is different. As you cruise along close your eyes and think of the men digging each mile out by hand and imagine the horses pulling the boats along when they had no engines!

You will all learn new skills while on your holiday, like driving the boat, working the locks and tying knots so you can moor securely in the evening.

When you arrive, we will introduce you to your boat, show the children their beds, show you all how the boat works. We will spend time helping you plan your holiday, fit life jackets on children and dogs, then take you off for a trip on which you get to learn how to steer your narrow boat, how to operate the locks, turn the boat around, how to moor up and get on and off your boat safely at each lock. Everyone on board gets a chance to have a go at something so everyone has a job. We make sure that everything you do is done safely.

Mums and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, Grannies and Grandads, Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, and best friends can all leave their busy lives behind, switch off from the world of work and school and spend quality time together – sit back and chill! Enjoy a canal-side barbecue (we provide blankets to keep you cosy), stop for a good old fry-up in the morning, pop dinner in the oven and let it cook as you cruise along, with wonderful smells drifting out of the kitchen. Or, if you prefer, check out one of the many village pubs along the route, have a tasty dinner cooked for you, and then stroll back to the boat well fed and ready for bed.

I have been cruising the canals since I was a small child and have wonderful memories of my family canal holidays. My parents are no longer here but the memories I have of our yearly boating holidays will last a lifetime. I have taken both my children and our wonderful dog on many canal holidays. Even though they are now grown up we still go cruising together and have a wonderful time.

The experience we have gained at College Cruisers over many years ensures that your holiday will be safe in our hands. We will do our very best to make sure you all have a fabulous time, so please do get in touch and start planning your next family break.