Last summer I was fortunate to meet two fabulous ladies Gladys and Jane.

They hired Pembroke for a week in August to celebrate birthdays (it’s a secret which one) and to have an adventure. Both had been boating before but with family, so I think going alone was a challenge they decided to set themselves.

Neither lady wanted to go without their home comforts we recommended Pembroke as the best choice for them. They could have their own bedrooms, spacious bathroom, and comfortable social space inside and out. Most importantly the boat would be easy for them to handle. The decision was made and Pembroke was booked .

A little while after making the booking Gladys rang me one day and said that the family would like to join them for the day – including the grand children. “Fine, not a problem“ we replied.

As the weeks progressed and the date of the holiday got closer Gladys contacted me again with another little tweak to the trip. Their grandchildren would like to stay over. I was at this point a little concerned that the adventure Gladys and Jane had planned was being slightly compromised, but I could see that having family along – especially the little ones – was going to add to their enjoyment.

So we hatched a plan… The children would bring sleeping bags and have a sleepover. All could sleep on the bed settee, topping and tailing, which meant the ladies did not have to give up their comfy beds or their rooms.

The children arrived, met them (I think) at Lower Heyford and that was the start of a fun packed few days. They have kindly let me share some memories with you. I think having seen the pictures you must agree that a wonderful time was had by all.

Gladys and Jane revisited their boating skill , spent quality time with family and gave themselves a little down time. There may have been a few moments of panic but no canal holiday would be complete without a little lost control! Gladys became very attached to the waterproofs and Jane provided posh glasses to drink the fizz from. On their return I was able to join them on board for a few glasses of red wine and cheese while they filled me in on the week’s events!! .

This is what a canal boat holiday is all about – making wonderful memories. Here’s their review of the trip from TripAdvisor…

So why not book a boat and create lasting unforgettable memories like Gladys and Jane. We hope to see them again very soon and thank them for sharing with us.

Carys … College Cruisers