Dog-friendly holidays and short breaks



Dogs love canal holidays. Plenty of fresh air, new smells and room to run. At College Cruisers we encourage you to bring your dog along when you come canal cruising, canal holidays really are dog-friendly holidays! But don’t just take our word, we’ve asked our Archie to tell your dog all about it!


archieHi, my name is Archie and I pop up now and again while you are looking at our web site. When you arrive at the boat yard I will be the first to greet you.

I love going boating with my family, running along the tow path, helping to open the locks and lift bridges. And then at the end of a busy day curl up in my bed and dream about chasing ducks and the swan that got away.

For a small extra charge you can also join your family on holiday, much better than being sent to the kennels while they go off and have all the fun. All we ask is £35.00.

Don’t forget to pack a lead, water and dinner bowl, towel, and a tennis ball, there are plenty of places to play ball along the Oxford Canal and you will always find someone at the locks who will play if you flutter your brown eyes at them.

Poo bags, they are a must. And please make sure that your dog, like me, is always wearing contact details for yourselves while out on the boat, in case they get lost.

Finally your bed – Mum gets very cross if she finds muddy paws on the settees and the beds.

So hope to see you soon at College Cruisers and I will give you some tips on how to put the swans in their place, and how not to get wet.

Archie XX