February Newsletter

Welcome to the first of our newsletters for 2019. We plan to post these monthly.

I am sure you may think that during the winter months we lock up the boats and jet off to warmer places, but far from it!!!! While you are all planning your next adventures, we are busy maintaining and improving our boats ready for another busy year.

Enjoy the month of February – Spring is just around the corner!

With best wishes,


During January we had a visit from American news channel NBC, doing a piece on a young author called Phoebe Smith. Phoebe writes short bedtime stories for adults that help guide you to a peaceful and relaxing sleep – the latest of which is about the canals. She can be found on a web site called Calm. Johnathan skippered the boat and the crew interviewed Phoebe while cruising up the River Thames. Her stories are very soothing and if you struggle with sleep well worth listening too, it worked for me!!

We also had to rescue a kitten who had got stuck in one of our buildings. He thought he could squeeze his head through a hole and his body would follow, but not to be. Eventually he was freed but a large piece of the shed floor came with him. Once we removed that we took him to the local vet, and they have found him a new home. So, a happy ending to the story!

Sandy and Michael have been working hard replacing all the drive plates and giving the engines their winter service. They now all glide through the water quietly and smoothly. On some boats we have added the facility to get hot water without running the engines, our bit towards the environment.

Rachel has been giving Magdalen a makeover, new colour scheme, new mattresses, radiators, usb ports to make charging phones simple and carpets.

Ladonna and Jo have painted all the boats inside, eventually they made it to the end. Greg has become an expert in replacing vents and polishing brass.

At the end of 2018 we said a very sad goodbye to Mike, Sheila and Taz. They have been with us for three years and they will be sadly missed, although I hope they may return to give a helping hand from time to time. We wish them well in their retirement and hope they enjoy exploring the canals.

One last thing – some of you who live in Oxfordshire may have read an article in the Oxford Mail and on their web site. I would like to reassure you that College Cruisers will be continuing to hire narrowboats for holidays, serve the local boaters and visiting boaters with coal, gas, fuel and pump outs. along with repairing and giving advice to you all about your boats and boating.