Kayaking on the Oxford Canal


The Oxford Canal is not just for narrowboats… We’re delighted to say that we’ve been able to help a couple of kayakers recently.

Over the last couple of years Richard and David from Greens Norton have been paddling rivers and canals in the southeast and having fun raising money for their village pocket park. Their venture started with the River Nene to Kings Lynn and then the Thames in two major stages:  first from Northampton to Teddington (via the Grand Union and Oxford Canals) and then Cricklade to Oxford.

Apparently the first Thames venture was quite tough but uneventful. However, the stretch from Cricklade to Buscot proved troublesome. On several occasions it was necessary to portage around fallen trees and on one occasion, as David was seal-launching into the water near Kempsford, the kayak stuck half in and half out of the water. Inevitably it tipped over. As Richard was the power behind the launch you’d have thought he’d be apologetic but no. He thought it hilarious and asked for an encore!

To make their lives easier we provided them with a base from which to operate when they were in our area.

We wish them well for their next venture on the Great Ouse with a new recruit – Ron from Whilton Locks.